Tréhouart: in search of Baron de Blosseville
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Other participant(s):
Joseph Paul Gaimard
Time period:
1835 to 1836
Area surveyed:
Atlantic Ocean
Expedition type:
The corvette Recherche, under naval lieutenant François Thomas Tréhouart was to continue the investigations of the Bordelaise sent the year before to the coasts of Iceland to find Jules Alphonse René Poret, Baron de Blosseville who left in 1833 on the Lilloise to protect the Icelandic fisherment but who had disappeared with his ship. The Recherche made two voyages, 27 April to 13 September 1835 and 21 May to 26 September 1836. The objective was to reach Iceland and explore the floating ice from the north of that island to Cape Farewell, Greenland. Collections of fishes were secured by the ship's surgeon Joseph-Paul Gaimard, well know for his circumnavigations with Freycinet an Dumont d'Urville. Gaimard was assisted by Elie Jean François le Guillou, assistant surgeon on the first voyage and by Charles René Augustin Leclancher on the second and by the physician Louis Eugène Robert. Gaimard received a 'wish list' of objects that Valenciennes wanted Gaimard to obtain from this voyage. This list included 22 fish species with their Nordic names and specific instructions (see Bauchot et al. 1990 for list). Valenciennes also instructed Gaimard to "open the stomachs of all your fishes, they are excellent fishers and you will find, without doubt, some interesting mollusks." Valenciennes' 'wish list' was not fully satisfied but Gaimard (1838) was careful to praise in his narrative of the voyage the select crew that "mitigated the fact that the Recherche was not so well equipped as prudence would wish for this cruise, and thanks to which some interesting collections could be made." (see Bauchot et al. 1990).
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